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Petar Dudolenski: The goal is to achieve 100% employment in Delta Planet Mall by the end of the year.

Petar Dudolenski - Executive Director of Delta Planet Mall, is a Bulgarian entrepreneur and partner in AP Investments. The investment company owns 50% of Delta Planet Mall in partnership with Delta Real Estate, a member of Delta Holding.
Petar Dudolenski is a co-founder of the largest chain of medical institutions in Bulgaria - "City Clinic". He is a member of the board of directors of Acibadem City Clinic. He has extensive experience in real estate, development and management of shopping centers. Over the years he has been associated with Mall of Sofia, Mall Plodiv, Mall Ruse.

How does the new decade begin for you?
- The new decade begins with a strong start thanks to the results achieved by the end of the previous 2019. In less than a year Delta Planet Mall managed to establish its position as the most preferred shopping center for Varna residents, ahead of its direct competitors according to two consumer research. At the same time, he grabbed the statuette in the "Commercial Buildings" category in the "Building of the Year" competition.
I am aware that the success achieved in almost a year raises serious expectations for us. Our task is to justify the vote of confidence of current customers and partners, but also to attract new ones among them, with whom we can continue to move forward. The ambitious goal we have set ourselves is to achieve 100% employment in the shopping center by the end of the year.

What is Delta Planet Mall's response to the current diversification trend?
- Diversity is what is increasingly valued by consumers today. Today they are increasingly demanding. What wins their trust in the long run is the provision of an experience that becomes an added value to shopping and shopping. The interactive modern interior and spacious entertainment areas for the whole family are one of the hallmarks of Delta Planet Mall in this regard.
At the same time, the shopping center is attracting more and more new brands, presented for the first time in Varna and the region. Among them are world-famous brands such as Mango, Guess, Desigual, SuperDry, Marc O'Polo, Asics, CCC, Cropp, House, Sinsay, the largest Cinema City outside Sofia with 12 halls and the only 4DX cinema in Varna, Domino's.

How does the growing consumption in the online space affect the development of large shopping centers?
- Online trade is undoubtedly developing at an ever faster pace. Man's social nature, however, is what will not allow him to completely displace consumption in physical commercial establishments. Malls are not only a place for shopping, but also for fun and a more complete experience. They satisfy the initial need to communicate and meet people. Since its founding until today, Delta Planet Mall has been guided by the strategy of retail and I believe that it is proving to be more and more successful to this day.

How will Delta Planet Mall maintain its position as a preferred partner in 2020?
- The key to attracting new customers and partners is continuous improvement by upgrading previous achievements. In the second half of the year we are facing such an exciting step - the opening of a new IKEA concept store in Delta Planet Mall. The project is an excellent and sustainable investment, given the huge number of supporters of the Swedish brand in Bulgaria. With its opening in the second half of 2020, the occupancy of Delta Planet Mall will reach 94%.
The store will replace the current order center in Varna and will be the only format of this type for Eastern Bulgaria. It will contribute to making Delta Planet Mall both a more attractive place for shopping for visitors and a more trusted partner for retailers. The ambition of our team is to meet the demand by attracting other brands loved by consumers, which will distinguish the shopping center from competitors at the regional level and add value to customers. The increased demand for retail space after the announcement of the entry of the new IKEA concept will greatly contribute to this.

IKEA currently has its own procurement center in Varna. What does it take to open a new store in Delta Planet Mall?
- The new IKEA store is a completely different concept of the Swedish chain, presented for the first time in Bulgaria. The site will delight its visitors with a greater degree of accessibility and convenience. The idea of IKEA is to be closer to its customers in Varna and the region, but this time in its full form. Located on an area of 8000 square meters, 5400 square meters of which will be occupied by the furniture store, it will offer more opportunities and inspiration to its customers. We expect its opening to have a completely positive effect on the attendance of the shopping center with a double increase, as well as to increase the turnover of tenants by 50%.

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