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Varna acquired its first two-way machine for cryptocurrency exchange

Varna residents can now take advantage of the first two-way machine for buying and selling cryptocurrency. The new ATM device is placed in the Delta Planet Mall on the ground floor and is delivered by the Bulgarian company Blockchain Tech.
Until now, the mall had a one-way machine that only allows receiving cryptocurrency for levs. In its two-way form, the ATM device will allow secure and easy exchange of currencies in both directions - both cryptocurrency against levs and levs against cryptocurrency.

"We are glad that with this new machine we can provide an innovative service in Varna. It provides good opportunities - for example, a person from Prague can buy bitcoin with euros and send them to the device in Varna, where another person will be able to receive levs within minutes, "said the company's manager Alexander Zahariev.

The two-way device is an easy and convenient alternative for buying and selling digital currency compared to exchanges and exchange sites, especially for people who value their time. Unlike the high fees that international translation companies charge, the ATM device successfully sends and receives to anywhere in the world instantly, and the fees are completely transparent. In this way, people earn between 3% and 10% in foreign exchange, eliminating hidden fees.

So far, one-way ATM machines can be found in the country in Plovdiv, Sofia and Burgas, and the cryptocurrency purchased from them is already approaching the amount of BGN 500,000. With over 1,000 customers from all sites in the country, most of them choose to use the service for sending money abroad. The main reason for gaining their trust is saving time and bank fees.

Undoubtedly, the interest in this service is growing, and with it the goals of the company are developing. The company continues to work hard to increase access to cryptocurrency, as well as to facilitate people's needs for international transfers or investments. The main focus for them is the development of services and expansion of the network throughout the country. Recently, customers have the opportunity to track the locations of all machines on the site: www.coinATMradar.com

For the company:
Blockchain Tech Ltd. is engaged in cryptocurrency trading, consulting and training in the field, development of smart contracts and more. The company has been operating since 2018 and so far has developed several projects in the field, and continues to develop a network of locations for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

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