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In connection with the information that the authorities are considering a third consecutive restriction of access to shopping centers in the country, we would like to say that such an action would have disastrous consequences for the industry employed over 150,000 people and their families. Based on the data we have on the losses from a similar measure for the same period last year, as well as information on the effect of the pandemic on our business so far, we strongly believe that a large part of the companies in it will not be able to recover and open after a possible third closure of shopping centers in the country.

The closure of the shopping centers in four months generated over BGN 100 million in losses for the members of the association. From the beginning of the crisis until now, this amount is much higher, and its real size has yet to be determined.

Recall that according to the Texas Scale of the Texas Medical Association and the Committee on Infectious Diseases, which governs the National Operations Headquarters, the risk of shopping in a mall is classified as moderate and comparable to activities such as visiting the beach, swimming in the pool or working in the office. building.

Against the background of the unprecedented scale of the crisis, there is currently no proven link between the activity of retail outlets and the increase in the number of infected people in the country. The centers implement all the measures imposed on them and comply with the established international safety standards in order to provide a protected environment for their tenants and visitors. In addition, we are ready to discuss other measures that are being successfully implemented in the region so that we can continue our work - as our colleagues in the rest of the Balkans are doing.

In conclusion, we express our full readiness for an immediate meeting and conversation with the institutions. We believe that our arguments will be heard by the authorities and together we will be able to find real and working solutions in this situation, because the third consecutive closing of shopping centers within a year is not among them.

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10:00 - 21:00 OPEN CLOSED
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