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The largest and fastest growing book chain in Bulgaria - Ciela, started with its first bookstore in 2006 and has 13 cozy bookstores, where the customer experience has been raised to a new level. The sites are located mostly in the big shopping centers for greater accessibility and more convenience. Ciela Bookshops are a partner and exclusive supplier of books in retail chains, petrol stations and hypermarkets located throughout the country.

The main advantage of Ciela bookstores over other book chains is the good refill. Our stores have the widest variety of items in both the book and the entertainment sector such as music, movies, family games, a full range of stationery, toys and a wide selection of gifts. The distinctive feature of Ciela bookstores is the abundance of well-selected products, convenient locations and courteous and competent service.

Apart from having all the up-to-date titles in Bulgarian, our distinctive feature is the richest and most diverse range of foreign language literature, as well as the maintenance of a nomenclature of titles with long exhausted prints that can be found with us.

The other advantage of Ciela bookstores is the extensive music corners. There the musicians can find the full range of music imported to Bulgaria. We offer modern latex tapes that we have, as well as all new and second-hand vinyls that attract connoisseurs. Ciela books are the best-loaded music stores.

The other major part of Ciela Bookstores is the office and sections of games and toys. With us there are articles from both the high and the lower price class, which are appealing to the wider mass audience.
We have the best loading of puzzles and family games that are extremely well received by our customers.
The last 2-3 years of Ciela Bookstores have established themselves as a venue for selling everything they need for school - notebooks, stationery, backpacks, and textbooks. Our competitive advantage over hypermarkets such as Metro and JUMBO is quality at affordable prices.

The other, which Ciela Bookstores pay particular attention to, is the holding of cultural events that gather many people, meet them with their favorite artists, artists, performers and others. In the last two years, besides the meetings with the authors, we also had acoustic concerts of the group Ostava, Miroslava Katsarova, Ruth Koleva, young performers from the hit series "Not so brother" and others. We organize many creative workshops and readings for both small and large, who are looking forward to the interest. Numerous events create a loyal audience to Ciela bookstores and make people look for a program that brings joy and positive emotions.

The first Ciela bookstore in Varna enjoys a great popularity among the Varna public. The combination of a great cultural center in what has become a bookstore in the FCC with a cozy coffee shop creates pleasant emotions for visitors who can spend a lot of their free time with a nice book and a cup of fragrant coffee. The great success of the first Ciela bookstore in Varna and the finding of a reliable partner in the face of Delta Planet Mall provoked us to create an even larger and more functional bookstore, keeping again the concept of implementing a coffee shop in the facility. The different location and location in a large shopping center will make it even easier for visitors and customers.

The overall concept of Ciela bookstores is extremely customer-oriented. Our idea is for visitors to find everything they need for themselves and their loved ones. Good service and coziness and ease of choice attract more and more customers.



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10:00 - 22:00 OPEN CLOSED
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