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Case Point Bulgaria

"MEGAUCES" Ltd. is the owner of the brand "Case Point Bulgaria" and is closely specialized in manufacturing and marketing of mobile accessories for mobile phones as well as tablets and laptops.MEGAQUES Ltd. is a producer of unique Swarovski Made cell phone cases, no analogue to the Bulgarian market, and a direct importer of accessories from China, where we work in close cooperation with several manufacturers and this provides the opportunity to offer our customers a huge variety of innovative products .

The company also offers a full range of top-class glass protectors for almost all models of phones, with the treadmills we offer specially made for us with a maximum length of annealing process of not less than 12 hours, which ensures maximum strength and quality.

At present, "MegaCase" Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of custom-made cases customized to the wishes of our customers, the company is an exporter of accessories, and now our partners are several accessories trade companies in Poland, France and England.

The fact that we are a producer of much of our range of products allows us to satisfy even the most demanding desires that are fully tailored to the needs of the customer. The wide range of models and designs allows for a high degree of attractiveness and flexibility in serving our customers. We offer accessories for over 200 models of up-to-date mobile phones.
On the territory of Bulgaria, we currently have sites in the Mall of Varna, the Mall Plovdiv, the Plovdiv Plaza Mall, and in March 2019 we will open an object in the new mall on the territory of Varna in Delta Planet Mall.

On the territory of our site at Mall Delta Planet customers will find a huge variety of mobile phone cases, glass protectors and all kinds of accessories related to the use of mobile devices. They will also have a huge assortment of Swarovski Quays unique and available only at the Point Point site


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10:00 - 22:00 OPEN CLOSED
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